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Usman Khawar Khan Founder And Ceo At Adx


Meet Usman Khawar Khan, a true entrepreneur who started from scratch. Growing up in a middle-class family, Usman Khan was an average student in school and university. Although he began his career with global giants like Zong, Huawei, and Pel, he soon realized he didn’t quite fit in.

Business and Career Journey:

After resigning from his last job at PEL, Usman had a major financial crisis spanning a few years before he started his freelancing journey. Like every other freelancer in Pakistan, he worked on different freelancing platforms but mainly focused on Fiverr. It took him two whole months of constant efforts to gain his first-ever client whose project wasn’t even relevant to marketing, but it was the silver lining Usman had been looking for and he never looked back. After months of sleepless nights and unwavering hunger for success, he soon realized he needed a team to manage the workload. He founded his first digital marketing agency, AdX. Years later he founded another digital marketing agency BlueTik and from there went on to create multiple successful e-commerce stores, first locally and then internationally. With an impressive paid ad spent experience of approximately Rs. 17 Crore, his business extends across 45 countries, making him a global force in digital marketing competing at the highest international level. Usman Khawar Khan has worked with prestigious clients, including Emmy Award-winning American film producers, US politicians, and multi-million dollar eCommerce giants.

Influencer | Trainer | Mentor:

Beyond his businesses, Usman Khawar Khan has generously shared his success and knowledge. He’s been a digital marketing trainer at the biggest training center of eRozgar; Punjab University Lahore. Currently, he is also a mentor at Superior Group, a trainer at NearPeer, and a guiding force at QPro.

His influence extends to numerous universities and organizations where he has been regularly called for public talks, including Lahore College of Women University, UET Lahore, Superior University, FAST University, Punjab University, Extreme Commerce, and IM Sciences University.

USMAN KHAWAR KHAN Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at BlueTik

Usman Khan’s dedication to training and mentorship has empowered thousands of individuals and helped his students collectively earn over Rs. 4 Crore, a testament to his commitment to nurturing future talent. Usman has also been regularly invited to judge both national and international startup competitions as well as prestigious events like the Entrepreneurship WorldCup, SEE Pakistan, Startup Cohorts, Superior Technical Symposium, IEEE WIE Day, Growth Summit, and IEEE Freelancing Seminar, where he has judged as well as mentored many emerging talents. He often appears on TV channels guiding the young generation on the art of earning online through digital channels.

Inspiring Audiences and Nurturing
Future Entrepreneurs:

Usman Khawar Khan’s journey from an average student to a visionary entrepreneur is a source of inspiration for aspiring business minds. Today, he spearheads multiple thriving ecommerce businesses and has successfully launched his own ventures. His unwavering commitment to sharing knowledge and mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs and his remarkable accomplishments truly set him apart. Usman Khan’s story from financial crisis to financial freedom is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams in the ever-evolving world of business. His accomplishments stand as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.