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Syed Irtiza Hassan (Co-Founder Axtend)



In a world fueled by boundless creativity, Axtend emerges as a hub of innovation and artistic talent with a team of expert freelancers and digital marketing experts. Imagine a space where your ideas not only find a voice but transform into vibrant realities. Axtend, a vibrant team of freelancers, is committed to turning your imagination into colorful outcomes.

Let’s explore the diverse freelance services offered by Axtend, where each service is a stroke on the canvas of your creative journey.

Graphic and Logo Design:
Enter the world of Graphic and Logo Design with Axtend, where artistic brilliance meets brand recognition. Discover how Axtend crafts not just visuals but visual masterpieces, turning your brand into a work of art that speaks volumes.

Axtend crafts visuals that not only catch the eye but also etch your brand into the viewer’s memory. Their Graphic and Logo Design services go beyond aesthetics, strategically positioning your brand for lasting recognition in the competitive market.

Motion Graphics and Animation:
Are your ideas stuck in static imagery, failing to engage your audience? Axtend has the solution. Explore our Motion Graphics and Animation services, where we breathe life into your concepts. Witness your brand narrative come alive in dynamic motion, captivating your audience in a way static visuals never could.

Architectural Virtual Designs:
Visualizing your architectural dreams shouldn’t be limited to blueprints. Axtend understands the struggle of bringing concepts to life. Step into our Architectural Virtual Designs realm, where we turn your visions into vibrant virtual realities. Experience the magic of our architectural expertise, offering you a fresh perspective on your dreams.

Axtend’s approach to Architectural Virtual Designs goes beyond conventional boundaries. Their artistic flair ensures that virtual representations of spaces are not just accurate but imbued with creativity, offering a fresh perspective on architectural visualization.

Social Media Management:
Lost in the digital wilderness? Axtend is your guide. Our Social Media Management services are designed to not only keep your brand active but to celebrate its presence in the vast digital landscape. Let us navigate the complexities together, ensuring your brand thrives in the online world.
Axtend understands the nuances of online presence, helping your brand maintain a positive digital image and fostering meaningful connections with your audience.

E-commerce Solutions:
Struggling to shine in the online marketplace? Axtend is your beacon of light. Illuminate your brand with our E-commerce Solutions, simplifying the intricate process of online selling. Watch as your products shine brightly amidst digital competition, ensuring your brand becomes a standout success.
Axtend simplifies the process, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience that benefits both businesses and customers alike.

Web Development: Building
Is your website lacking the interactive charm it needs? Axtend is here to transform it into a digital playground. Explore our Web Development services, where we focus on creating websites that are not only visually appealing but also interactive and user-friendly. Let’s shape the success of your brand online together.
Axtend recognizes this importance and ensures that its web development services contribute not just to aesthetics but to the overall success of your brand’s online presence.

Creative Content Writing:
Struggling to connect with your audience through words? Axtend’s Creative Content Writing services are tailored just for that. We understand the importance of telling your brand story effectively. Join us as we craft narratives that not only speak but resonate with your audience, creating a connection that goes beyond words.

Brand Designing:
Introduction: Is your product lacking that aesthetic charm? Axtend has the solution. Dive into our Brand Designing services where we focus on enhancing your product’s aesthetics. Let us elevate your offerings visually, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the expectations of your audience.

Video Editing and Advertisement:
Introduction: Pictures may speak a thousand words, but videos tell a captivating story. Axtend’s Video Editing and Advertisement services are here to craft stories that resonate. Join us as we use the power of video content to captivate your audience, ensuring your brand story leaves a lasting impression.

Social Media Trending Videos:
Introduction: Keeping up with digital trends can be challenging. Axtend makes it easy with our Social Media Trending Videos. Stay trendy and visible in the fast-paced digital era as we create videos that not only capture but set trends, ensuring your brand remains relevant and engaging.

3D Virtual Studio:
Introduction: Ever dreamt of stepping into a virtual world? Axtend’s 3D Virtual Studio makes that dream a reality. Immerse yourself in captivating virtual experiences as we go beyond conventional design, creating a world where your imagination knows no bounds.

Specialized 3D Renders for Real Estate: Bringing Architectural Ideas to Life
Introduction: Visualizing architectural ideas accurately is crucial. Axtend specializes in 3D Renders for Real Estate, where we bring your architectural concepts to life with unparalleled accuracy. Join us as we provide realistic previews, helping you showcase your ideas convincingly in the real estate market.

Seeking more than just a service provider? Axtend is more than a team; we’re a creative family. Experience the collaborative spirit that goes beyond business. Join us, where every member contributes to a collective creativity, ensuring your ideas are transformed into something amazing.