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Ali Raza Jatoi (CEO Etechhubs)


From Village to CEO: Ali Raza Jatoi’s Journey to Connect Pakistan

In the heart of ZyRom, a thriving web development company, lies the inspiring journey of its CEO, Ali Raza Jatoi. Born in a small village near Jaranwala, Ali’s story is a testament to hard work, perseverance, and the transformative power of education.

Early Life and Challenges:

Ali’s father, Umer Hayat Khan Jatoi, a shopkeeper, faced the challenges of polio, making mobility a struggle. Despite the odds, he was determined to provide Ali with a quality education. The family’s move from the village to Karachi opened doors for Ali to access better educational opportunities.

Education and Early Jobs:

Ali’s journey began with humble beginnings – from being an office boy to a newspaper composer. However, his thirst for knowledge and passion for technology led him to become a network administrator at Aziz Fatima Hospital. As he climbed the professional ladder, Ali embraced every opportunity, becoming an IT Officer at Hilal Foods Pvt and later, the IT Manager at Jahangir Group.

ZyRom: The Dream Takes Shape:
In 2019, Ali took a bold step by establishing ZyRom. The foundation of the company was laid during four years of relentless hard work after his father’s demise. ZyRom quickly evolved into a hub for web development, application development, SEO, and e-commerce services. The company’s mission was not just to provide services but also to uplift others through education and collaboration.

Profylio: Transforming Digital Business Cards:
Among ZyRom’s groundbreaking projects is Profylio, a digital business card with NFC technology. This innovative product encompasses a range of features, from services and testimonials to order NFC cards and custom designs. It’s a testament to Ali’s commitment to enhancing digital experiences.

Collaborations and Learning:
Ali believes in collaboration for mutual growth. ZyRom collaborates with other companies, fostering a culture of shared learning and development. The aim is not only to provide services but also to contribute to the community and the country’s overall progress.

Connected Pakistan: A Turning Point:
Ali’s life took a significant turn when he attended Connected Pakistan, a tech conference organized by Syed Arsalan Ali Shah. The conference served as a catalyst, connecting Ali with a network of like-minded individuals striving to bring positive change to Pakistan’s tech landscape. Ali expresses gratitude to Arsalan for initiating such a platform.

Future Goals and Mission:
Ali’s vision extends beyond ZyRom. With a dedicated team of 10 and over 100 students benefiting from ZyRom’s educational initiatives, Ali aims to create 2000+ job opportunities by 2025. His journey from an office boy to a CEO exemplifies the transformative power of education and determination.

In conclusion, Ali Raza Jatoi’s story is not just about personal success; it’s about using that success to uplift others. Through ZyRom and initiatives like Profylio, Ali is contributing to Pakistan’s tech ecosystem, connecting people and creating growth opportunities. His journey is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the potential that lies within every individual, regardless of their background.