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Muhammad Rizwan (founder & CEO Devio Tech)


Muhammad Rizwan’s Inspiring Story: From Small Town to Big Success!

Muhammad Rizwan belongs to a rural area in District Kasur. He completed his master’s degree in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) back in 2015. Let’s take a closer look at his remarkable achievements on Upwork, Fiverr, and other platforms.

Success on Fiverr:

He recalls the day he created an account on Fiverr and received his first order within just two days. Later, he found a client from the UK who provided him with ten consecutive orders, one per day. During this time, he held a job as a GIS engineer at a government office in Saudi Arabia and engaged in part-time freelancing.

Operating as a Level 2 seller on Fiverr, Rizwan began a new journey as a full-time freelancer in 2020. Several months later, he faced a setback when he got banned from Fiverr because of a challenging client. Fiverr informed him that he could only complete his ongoing orders, and afterward, he would lose access to his account. He reached out to the Customer Support team, and it took him 14 days to resolve the issue and regain access to his account.

Today, he is a pro-verified seller with a Level 2 status on Fiverr, fulfilling the criteria to become a top-rated seller. He also holds an agency account on the same platform.

Upwork Success:

In 2020, he registered on Upwork and soon started receiving orders. He developed long-term relationships with some clients and achieved Top-rated seller status on the platform. He is now currently putting his best efforts to attain the Top Rated Plus status.

Owner of a Software House:

Rizwan has successfully set up his own software company named “DevioTech” on August 5, 2020. The company employs over 25 individuals and generates an average monthly income of 25 lakh. He also collaborates with other software houses on a project basis which opens up great opportunities for him.

Achievements and Recognition:

Muhammad Rizwan has received an award from the Ministry of Information & Technology. He has also received the “Prime Minister Award” in the freelance category because of his quality services and accomplishments.

Rizwan is also the founder of “Digital Kasur,” a community with 32,000 members. The goal of the community is to provide expert knowledge to young individuals to help them in their career development. He has also organized five Grand meetups to inspire and motivate these youngsters.

His Goals:

Muhammad Rizwan’s goal is to serve the community to the best of his abilities by creating more opportunities for young individuals. He has also created a YouTube Channel to share his freelancing knowledge and motivate young people to excel for the betterment of their families and Pakistan.

He believes that sharing proofs of earnings and success stories isn’t about seeking fame but about motivating others and sharing knowledge as a form of “Sadqa Jaria”.

His message is simple:

“If you are a hard worker and can deliver quality work, nothing can stop you.”

This is the lesson he has learned so far and applied to his own life as well.

Finally, Rizwan wants to say thanks to everyone who read his story and wishes them good luck. He recommends them to concentrate on what they’re good at, work hard, and set clear goals. He says that good things will show up soon and here the important thing is to always keep going and not to give up!