Connected Pakistan

Anma Nusrat (CEO & Founder At CityMail)


Anma Nusrat’s Mission: Fostering International Recognition for Local Brands through CityMail’s E-Commerce Expertise

Pakistan has had a revolution in terms of e-commerce businesses, from being non-existent to capturing much of the market share as more and more people turn to online purchasing rather than surveying the markets physically. The common men of this country have been searching for opportunities to grow their wealth, and so as a solution, many end up setting up online stores aside from their jobs in an attempt to convert their monthly salaries to business revenue.

As Pakistan has been facing high inflation in the recent years, most online businesses face difficulties operating with exponentially rising costs, many even collapsing. That is when businesses turned their focus to overseas market. With lots of untapped territory, great potential of growth, and comparatively better customers, a few businesses started selling outside Pakistan. And so, CityMail opened the channels for these growing businesses to take their brands global and achieve profits they have never had the luxury of achieving whilst selling only in Pakistan.

CityMail provides services all over the Gulf, and at the center of it all stands the main woman, the CEO, Anma Nusrat. Previously having years of actuarials experience at Adamjee Life, Anma stepped up and took the CEO role at CityMail, fitting right in and changing the dynamics of cross-border COD with her intellect and commendable work ethic. Not only did she create a welcoming environment to boost productivity, she often goes out of way to help clients.

CityMail is a versatile courier service, providing COD services all over the Gulf, in addition to warehousing in UAE and KSA. Always stepping up to any challenges, CityMail offers order fulfillment where the orders are picked, packed, and shipped, as well as last-mile deliveries. CityMail also offers express deliveries all over the world. With COD services available internationally, our clients can target the engaged shoppers who might not want to pre-pay through their debit/credit cards for whatever reason, this broadens their range of customer base/target market.

Anma can often be seen coordinating with the warehouse staff in UAE and KSA, which goes to show how involved and connected she is to the operations. CityMail has top-notch warehousing services in UAE and KSA, the facilities being fully equipped with barcode scanners, a complete inventory management system, heavy-duty racks, forklifts, ladders, weighing machines, basically everything that makes the entire operational and storage process smooth. 24-hour CCTV surveillance, security personnel, and the manager within the premises are our security measures for the warehouse. Zero pilferage at our warehouses is our biggest pride, which assures our clients’ security when they store their inventory with CityMail.

With our inventory management solutions we help our clients in ordering and tracking their stock as it arrives at our warehouse. From there, the stock is stored into assorted racks. Our e-commerce clients use our services for packing, labelling and dispatching of their products. All of the operations are handled very carefully by our team of professionals. The representatives of CityMail take the responsibility of packing and delivering the exact same product as ordered by customers.

“It is my vision to see local Pakistani brands flourish internationally, and that is exactly what we are striving for, to create an environment and opportunities for them to take their brands global,”

“I wish to see Pakistani brands very well-known and accepted internationally.”

With that being said, here is what CityMail actually has to offer.

  • Expertise in E-Commerce solutions.
  • By understanding the needs of e-commerce players domestically and internationally, we help them expand their brands and take things to the next level.
  • Our belief in ultimate client satisfaction and delivering of promises.
  • Fully functional infrastructure to support and cater to clients’ needs.
  • The vision to help domestic e-commerce players by reducing their costs and risks.
  • Online portal to fetch data and track orders with ease.