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Freelancer Of The Month: Naveed Ahmed, Creative Consultant & Top Rated Freelancer


Our pick for our first ever freelancer of the month is Mr. Naveed Ahmed. He is a well-known name in the freelancing industry now, but he had very humble beginnings. He comes from a very small town in South Punjab called Chishtian Mandi, where his father worked at a petrol pump to support his family. Naveed went to government school, college and university and had no generational wealth, no special privileges but his father had a faith in education. His father sent him to The Islamia University of Bahawalpur walnagar campus for his bachelor’s degree where Naveed started his freelancing journey during his undergrad education.

Naveed has been freelancing since 2014 and has built a huge international clientele over the years. He now works as an Independent Creative Consultant with big names of the world like Loadsmart, 51Talk, Superlegal and Swift Beauty. He is a top-rated freelancer on Fiverr as well with more than one thousand five-star reviews. He runs his own remote first design studio where he has a global team of people mainly from Pakistan but also from Bangladesh, Dubai and India.

He also has been working with e-Rozgaar Program of PITB for more than 5 years to train the unemployed youth in freelancing and digital skills and has trained thousands of young freelancers who are bringing in the much-needed foreign exchange to the country.

He briefly worked at ITU as a Teaching Assistant for the courses of “Design Lab” and “Science Fiction in The Contemporary World” and voluntarily mentored with TCF for 2 years!

He was recently awarded as one of the Top Freelancer and Most Accomplished Professional of South Punjab awards by Tech Nation Digital Conference. He was also awarded as one of the Top 10 Freelancers of Pakistan by PAFLA!

Having spoken at prestigious events like Connected Pakistan Conference, Young Leaders Conference, Future Fest, TechNation Conference, Digital South Punjab Roadshow, Taaleem or Hunnar Sath Sath, Freelance Fest, Pakistan Innovation Roadshow and big universities like BNU, UET, UMT, BZU, IUB and PU, Naveed has vast public speaking experience.

In a recent story on his Instagram account, Naveed shared how he used to travel in Lahore on a shared rickshaw because he could not even afford to rent a dedicated rickshaw, he then was able to buy a decade old motorcycle, then a new motorcycle, then an old Sedan car but now he drives a new crossover Car.

Connected Pakistan is very proud of Naveed’s achievements and takes pride to celebrate local success stories who defied all odds, did not believe in becoming a product of their circumstances but made them a product of their choices.