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Tabinda Usman: Groundbreaker And A Pacemaker For Empowering Youth


Pakistani Education Drilling Leader, Skill-based learning Forerunner, Technology Agitator

Indubitably, a persona of a strong woman in her own sorts for being dynamo as a mother, a Wife, a daughter, an Educationist, and a mechanism for bridging the gaps in developing technology and skill-based learning mindset. The preliminary academic period has been a benchmark in her life, a gold medalist, and a topper throughout her academic years.

Tabinda has been working for over 16 years in the academic sphere as an active gem to boost up the new beginnings of technology in gaining master-driven outcomes through skilled-based learning. She works on sites as a master trainer, educationist, policy and strategy maker to speed the adroitness especially of Pakistani youth to develop a technological ecosystem in Pakistan.

Tabinda, a Chairperson of the Board (AIK Foundation), inaugurated in the memory of her Late Father which aims to provide clean drinking water and promote plantation through a vigilant way in the schools of Pakistan to lead the social standards of their living.

She has various academic and professional golden badges on her shoulders out of which few are: Gold Medalist and Topper of Punjab University, Gold Medalist for consecutive 5 years of her education, Best Teacher Award, Acknowledgment by the Chief Justice of Pakistan for her academic excellence, Research Publication in the international conference of Middlesex University Dubai, Published various practical case studies in the international platforms i.e. The Case Center and Emerald Insight.

She is passionate about educating the youth regarding business, skill and technology so that enabling the youth of Pakistan to become the master of their own fate. Following are few of her golden badges, that are being appreciated at national and international level:

  1. South Asian Business Excellence Award, 2022 in Dhaka was staged to her as Outstanding Women Leadership in Education Industry Award.
  2. Pakistan Nissa Award as Best Education Leader of Pakistan 2022
  3. She was given the Star of the Year Award, Superior University 2020

Her professional realm has some attractive transitions throughout her career; she worked in recognized institutions with renowned professionals. She was a Project Director Enablers, where she managed all initials and detailing of strategic planning of Technology College, monitored HR and Marketing related tasks under her supervision with reaching competencies and trained the team with efficiency and effectiveness. She articulated the mission to opt right career pathways for students. Enabler college of technology is being launched to enable the youth of Pakistan to contribute for the social and economic parity.

She proficiently contributed her vast marketing and business experiential graph working with one of the leading private universities of Pakistan entitled Superior University, where she formulated PR and Marketing activities for the promotion and activation of entrepreneurial eco system as Assistant Director Marketing and PR CMACED. While her working with the entrepreneurship center of Superior University, she was the flag bearer of entrepreneurial mindset among youth of Pakistan. 

She was appointed as a Master Trainer in the University of Central Punjab. She was a Project Lead Global Incubation Network, ArgonTech Inc. She was hired as a Master Trainer Women Entrepreneurship, The Startup School. Associate Member of Association of National and International Universities Research and Education, Ambassador Commonwealth Entrepreneurship Club, Women Council Member in Marketing Association of Pakistan, Lead Trainer Entrepreneurship in Riphah International University & Head of Business Development and Growth Marketing at Viltco Technologies. She have also worked with several international companies, such as Sakshi advertising, AL-Arooba Cultural Center Dubai, as a Trainer and Mentor and authorized learning partner in skill development council Canada.

Family: Ms. Tabinda is an energetic mom of a daughter and a son, and a subtle husband whose companionship is incomparable in every possible way. She holds a great bond with her siblings who stood by her through thick and thin of her journey. She believes that success matters a lot when your loved ones appreciate you and encourage you to achieve whatever you aspire of. She penned down the wishes and duas of her parents without which she would never have gotten this success. A strong family support system can be the best weapon for a woman to grow in the patriarchal system of Pakistan. 

Upcoming plans a decade ahead:

  • Creation of a new educational vision where youth will be equipped and trained with the skilled based and technology-based learning to be able to décor the aspirations of their lives.
  • Cultivation of entrepreneurship among kids to make better Pakistan with healthy economic structure.
  • Dispersion of knowledge and education among youth can lead the present and the better tomorrow.
  • Sustainable setups to treat the environment and community development projects such as climate change, awareness of seeding plantation and purification of drinking water.

Tell me about it, of course! Believe in your locus of control, control your excitement, come up with creativity, planning and execution, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and reasoning, own your mistakes and then your perseverant nature will touch the blue sky. Moreover, I am woman of actions as it goes without saying that actions speak louder than words so believe you me, in optioning education systems you hit an idea and that is your first step towards success in real means of strategic gimmick.

I chose working in this industry because I could bring change in structuring the minds of youth. Youth is the asset of Pakistan and Education is the only key to handle almost every problem of them. Through education, abstract qualities can be developed such as self-confidence, financial security, and sense of satisfaction, communication skills, and removal of poverty, monetization, and regulation. It is the only working place where you revise your learning when someone is learning from you. It is less risky and more succinct way out of building power packed youth to filter new beginnings of Pakistan.

Fervently, this was an exciting moment for me to receive this prestigious award because I was representing my country and this was a moment of pride not only for me but for my family. Heartily, I became sentimental in recalling the words of my late father; he used to tell me nobody can defeat you until or unless you are standing on your confident toes in winning your passion. I followed his words. Then I said, “Sky is not the limit”, now I feel more responsible working on my mission. 

Pathetic statistics till this date since the colonial oppression, by nature we are still enslaved by the so-called monotonous unimplemented educational system. Only 60% of the children reach to grade 1 up to primary level in Pakistan, since then, the parameter of scaling the normal educated man is obtaining the graduation degree which is again unrecognized internationally. Conventional education needs to be reframed by adding the new needs of technology to reproach the international standards. Teacher training and the management trainings are an important part that must be considered as an SOP to be followed while getting the institution registered by the regulatory authorities. 

Certainly, I never miss any single chance in raising the voice for women either they face any societal pressure, language of failure, workplace harassment, domestic abuse, violence and even an emotional abuse. I tend to prepare myself to support women in e very field and believe in fighting for their rights especially in education. I have started training women from the backward and non-facilitated areas of Pakistan so they can improve their earning by fertilizing small businesses. Knowing their full potential and watching them doing nothing for the economic prosperity of our country is heart wrenching. They must believe in themselves instead of imitating the lifestyles of other social economic classes. 

Technology, Skills and ICT learning is a world’s future. Government should take prior initiatives to install ICT labs in educational institutions and focus on recruiting the technological user-friendly staff, and provide digital resources to promote tech-based education. It will generate the economy and unemployment can be reduced. 

I would suggest that do work on your character building because you are the reflection of your deeds, and it can help in taking you to heights of success. Your confidence and consistency can lead to make wonders. As a career-oriented woman, you should groom your personality, inwardly as well as outwardly. Avoid feeling pity on you being a woman; you are an equal human being among the dominance of men and all you have to do is to just emerge your hidden energy and mental agility to kill the societal barriers. You are the origination of your family, by adopting the balanced personality structure, you may win your career race and by this, you will definitely get family support to progress rapidly.