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Khurram Shahzad is a successful Entrepreneur and Businessman. He is from a small town called Shahkot in Faisalabad. He worked very hard to achieve this success. He proved that it does not matter whether you are from a small town if you can dream it you can achieve it. Consistency plays a vital role in achieving success. Initially, he started his career with Programming back in 2009. He developed a strong sense of PHP, MySQL Database, and Laravel. He developed Web Based Applications in high-level programming languages.

He develops customize PHP & Laravel projects. He is an expert in deploying High-Performance Web Servers. He can build robust server security.

Having a strong command of installing and operating famous OS Linux, Centos, Alma Linux, cPanel, Direct Admin. He worked with many clients and gained perfection in his work.

Awarded as Successful Entrepreneur 2022

Khurram Shahzad has won many Awards. He was awarded the Successful Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 at Connected Pakistan Conference. He builds his successful career with pure dedication to his work. Now 10 plus employees are devotedly working with him. He believes in teamwork and always pushes his employees to go beyond their limits. You cannot win alone, if you want to win you should have trusted, dedicated and hardworking people with you.

Khurram Shahzad being awarded at Connected Pakistan Conference

We at Connected Pakistan Conference are always eager to promote such enthusiastic and inspirational personalities who started from zero and now own their own businesses.

Khurram Shahzad is definitely one of them. Our aim is to highlight such Talent of Pakistan and inspire people that Pakistanis are not less in the field of the IT Industry. Because technology is the Future.

Motivation Behind the Company

Khurram Shahzad decided to launch a company in 2013. Then he came up with the idea of starting a Web Hosting Business in Pakistan. Keeping the idea in mind that businesses should have online presence in Pakistan and can grow more rapidly by creating online awareness of people businesses.

In 2013 he launched a company named eHostPK Private Limited. Its soul purpose is to provide better and optimized hosting service to its clients.

eHostPK stand out among other host companies because of dedicated support and outclass services to its client. Khurram Shahzad worked very hard to grow his company. He even faced some failures during this journey, but he never stopped. He believes that failures are part of your life. Failure only makes you wiser and stronger than you were ever before.

Now more than 10 employees are working under him for his company. At the beginning eHostPK provides web hosting services, but now the business has grown huge and it is providing dedicated server hosting, managed cloud web hosting and server building & maintaining services as well.

Launch of Stay Alert Web & Mobile Application at CPC


eHostPK Private Limited provides large range of web hosting services. Which includes Shared Hosting, Business Hosting Reseller Hosting, and Root Reseller Hosting services. Its is also providing the dedicated servers, which includes a managed server, un-managed or bare metal server. Other categories include Website Development Services, Managing Server, Comodo SSL. Last but not the least VPS Servers (Virtual Private Server) with Windows and Linux and Cloud Compute. eHostPK provides wide range of countries where you can host your Windows and Linux VPS. Most importantly it is focusing on Cloud Computing technology, where you only have to pay for the resources you are utilizing, you can customize your VPS Server according to your Business Needs.

In today’s Digital Era who did not want Earn Money Online? And don’t want to generate a passive income for his/her self?Obviously, the answer is Yes for all. eHostPK provides Reseller Hosting Service where one can start his own Hosting Business by investing a very little amount of money. Reseller Hosting is a Great Source of earning money online, if you have the right guidance available for you. eHostPK Private Limited own a YouTube Channel named accordingly. Where Khurram Shahzad personally guides his company clients about his services. He especially created a course for Interested Resellers who wants to start their online Hosting Business. In his Reseller Web Hosting Course on YouTube, he mentioned all the things very briefly for his viewers. So, you shouldn’t waste a single amount of time and money if you are interested in starting your Own Startup and grow it to the Large Business Company. Invest Today and Earn Endlessly!