She Can is a social change program designed by Connected Pakistan with the aim of empowering women in Pakistan through technology. The program’s core belief is that by providing women with the necessary skills and support, they can become active participants in the digital economy and achieve their full potential

She Can offers a range of training and support programs designed to meet the unique needs of women in Pakistan. These programs include technical skills training, such as coding and data analysis, as well as leadership development and mentorship programs. By providing a range of programs tailored to the needs of women, She Can aims to ensure that women have the tools and support they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving digital economy.

The She Can team is comprised of experienced professionals who are passionate about empowering women through technology. The team is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where women can learn, grow, and thrive. They work tirelessly to ensure that women have access to the best possible training and support, and that they receive the guidance and mentorship they need to succeed.

At She Can, the team believes that investing in women is key to creating a brighter future for everyone. They are dedicated to helping women succeed in their careers and reach their full potential, and are confident that with their support, women can achieve great things. By providing women with the skills, support, and mentorship they need, She Can is helping to build a more inclusive and equitable society in Pakistan.