International Women’s Day: Master Foundation Collaborates with Connected Pakistan to Provide Women with Digital Literacy Courses

Empowering Women: Connected Pakistan Collaborates with Master Foundation for Digital Literacy Courses on International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, a significant collaboration has taken place between Master Foundation and Connected Pakistan, marking a crucial step towards empowering women in Pakistan. Through their joint initiative called “She Can,” these organizations have come together to provide digital literacy courses to up to 5000 women. This partnership aims to foster financial independence among…

Connected Pakistan as Strategic Partner of 22nd ITCN Asia

Accelerating Growth: Connected Pakistan Collaborates with ITCN Asia for the Growth Summit’23

Connected Pakistan, a leading tech social enterprise, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with ITCN Asia for the highly anticipated Growth Summit. This partnership brings together two powerhouses in the tech industry to create a dynamic platform for accelerating growth, fostering innovation, and driving digital transformation. With a shared vision of empowering the tech community,…

Syed Arsalan Ali Shah at Payoneer Forum 2022

Syed Arsalan Ali Shah to Share Insights at Annual Payoneer Forum 2022: Resolving Economic Challenges through Tech, Adaptability & Resilience

SyeConnected Pakistan is delighted to announce that Syed Arsalan Ali Shah, the esteemed Founder & CEO, will be participating in a panel discussion at the Annual Payoneer Forum 2022 in Lahore. As the only Pakistani to be featured as a success story on Payoneer, Syed Arsalan brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences in leveraging… Workshop & Seminar

Syed Arsalan Ali Shah, CEO & Founder of Connected Pakistan, to Grace’s Workshop and Seminar on Local Ecommerce in Pakistan as Chief Guest

We are excited to announce that Mr. Syed Arsalan Ali Shah, the CEO & Founder of Connected Pakistan, has been invited as the Chief Guest for an upcoming workshop and seminar on Local Ecommerce in Pakistan organized by in Multan. This event aims to shed light on the thriving local ecommerce landscape and explore…