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Mohsin Raza (Top Rated Freelancer T Fiver)


A seasoned freelancer. An avid traveler. A fellow who runs an offline business. A guy with over a decade of experience earning online!

Mohsin always had a knack for technology and got himself immersed in the available technology at a young age. He loved to be an early adopter of new gadgets, software, and new concepts. This love for IT and tech-savviness led to his interest in earning online after he aced student life in college and university.

Mohsin has been a part of the digital world for the past 13 years and has earned huge sums from different online avenues including Facebook, Fiverr, AdSense, etc. He started exploring different avenues while he was doing his FSc at Government College University, Lahore in 2010. By the time he graduated and joined the University of Management & Technology, Lahore for his business degree in 2012 he had a clear idea of what the online world had to offer. He graduated from the university with a gold medal and by that time he had a solid income stream of online earnings as well. He is currently active in different online fields and working on several different projects of various kinds.

He started working on Facebook in 2010 and made a handsome amount from it. In 2012, he moved to CPM but that didn’t attract him much, and stopped doing it a few months later. He stumbled across blogging in 2013 and worked on it for a year. He learned it all by trial and error and made some money from there as well. It was his continuous urge to learn that he explored different avenues and kept knocking at different doors online trying to find a sweet spot. He came across freelancing in 2014 and loved the concept straightaway. This was the moment he found out he had finally gotten his hands on a perfect niche.

He joined Fiverr in 2014 and became Top Rated Seller in 2021. He has earned $100,000+ from Fiverr alone and has worked on 1500+ projects from clients in 55 different countries. He started from the niche of content writing and worked in this field for 2 years. He switched to graphic designing and has been working in the field for 8 years now. Since the growth of an individual should never stop, he learned the art of digital marketing and got this skill under his belt as well. He now offers both graphic designing and digital marketing services on Fiverr.

He gives public lectures in universities and seminars and conducts workshops for newbies who are struggling to get started online. He also gives virtual sessions to young folks regarding freelancing. He encourages young people to get into the habit of looking for earning opportunities online and get started at an early age.

Mohsin also runs a physical offline business of rice trading. His company deals in rice, paddy, and flour trading in different capacities. He also acts as an intermediary among parties to connect them for trade deals where need be. Physical and offline business in Pakistan has its quirks. Working offline and handling a business has taught him the resilience and an aptitude of consistency and steadiness.

Traveling teaches a lot to an individual and helps him groom in multiple different aspects. Mohsin has developed an interest over the years for it and travels the country and the world regularly. He has been to 7 different countries of the world and wherever he goes he connects with the locals and closely observes their culture. This has helped him become a better human being and developed the art of empathy. He also travels to different parts of Pakistan regularly to learn new things and be a better guy. He says working in the online field gives him the flexibility of traveling as he can take his laptop with him and be anywhere in the world and work.

He advises everyone to explore online opportunities to make money. The world has truly become a global village and everyone should strive to go beyond local shores to make money. He is a strong proponent of using internet to earn and wants every internet user to be financially independent as a result. He is always open to answering questions and teaching the ones who are interested as he feels it is his obligation to tell people what he knows of this field.

He has recently started creating video content on YouTube based on his experience of online earning. He felt the need to make content given how miserable the economic conditions of the country have been recently and how influencers and/or YouTubers are misguiding young lot of Pakistan in this field. He says he is appalled by the fact that YouTubers are teaching shortcuts, fake tricks and bad practices to young generation and spoiling their minds for their own petty gains. He felt he had a responsibility to his countrymen to share his wisdom on the subject. He aims to explain the tech-savvy details in plain language to the masses to enable them to learn and earn online in the long run from the comfort of their home.

Life is a roller coaster and it changes pace and altitude every now and then. Mohsin always advises every young fellow to have firm belief and develop clarity of mind. It is extremely easy to lose direction and focus in this era of internet and social media. Young folks should find their paths, stick to it, seek guidance from a mentor who appeals to them and win at all stages of life. Time doesn’t stop for anyone and wise are the ones who make full use of it before it’s too late!